How to remove gel polish at home

How to remove gel polish at home


 Gel polish on nails always looks beautiful, hands look very well-groomed. However, it is not always possible to remove a manicure in the salon: endless work, force majeure is to blame. We suggest you look beautiful under any circumstances - read in "MAWAHIBI" how to remove gel polish at home!

How to remove gel polish at home  Gel polish on nails always looks beautiful, hands look very well-groomed. However, it is not always possible to remove a manicure in the salon: endless work, force majeure is to blame.

Ways to remove gel polish yourself

There are several of them, and each has its own advantages/disadvantages. We talked with the specialists of the Mint beauty salon to find out what is the safest method for gel-coated fingers.

“Removing the gel polish coating with acetone and foil is possible. It will be removed, then all this can be carefully removed with a stick. But we cover the liquid with foil and create a "sauna effect", everything is soaked, right down to the nail plate. And after that it becomes thin, soft. Why is that bad? Nails will become "like rags". And re-coating with gel will be worse.

Nobody canceled the "old-fashioned" method: when there were no devices yet, ordinary hard files were used. Of course, not metal, but with harsh abrasiveness. They cut the cover itself. The most important thing here is not to damage the skin around the nails, otherwise it will have to be cut or sanded; not every home has a wide range of tools. It is advisable to leave the same thin layer of the base so as not to damage your nail plate.

Finally, you can simply grab a nail file and file the length. So the load leaves the nail, and this is the most important thing. We cut it to zero, to its length - whoever likes it. You definitely shouldn't leave your nails to their own devices. Sooner or later you will come to the master, and if the gel-varnish coating is started, it will be difficult for the specialist to give the desired shape, to keep your nails in order. "

A very important point: it is absolutely impossible to tear off the gel from the regrown nails, this can damage the plate and even cause hematoma! Otherwise, there are no prohibitions, choose a method of manicure removal that is convenient for you. And please your loved ones with beautiful nails!

Method 1 - nail polish remover and foil

It is most popular with the fairer sex due to its inexpensive price - acetone is sold in any department of cosmetics, and foil can even be bought in a grocery store.

Note! The bottle should be labeled "suitable for gel coating and shellac", the usual tool "will not take" a durable top layer of manicure.

Pros: Inexpensive, safe for beginners.

Cons: harmful effects of acetone on nails.

Method 2 - buying special napkins

They are sold in cosmetic departments and are also available to order online. These are a kind of polyethylene bags impregnated with acetone. 10 pcs in the package for 2 hands. Before use, you need to cut off the top layer of the gel, and then "put on" a napkin on each finger.

Note! The skin around the nail plate is treated with a greasy cream or petroleum jelly from overdrying. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes. After that, the varnish softens, the remains can be easily removed with a wooden stick.

Pros: Safe way for newbies.

Cons: these napkins are not sold in all stores; the harmful effects of acetone on nails.

This method is better known to professional masters in beauty salons. But you can also use it if you purchase a gel polish remover. It resembles a grinder or dental drill - with similar functions. Includes 2-3 attachments. The toughest is cut off the top layer of the gel, the softest, similar to a thick cotton swab, the cuticle area is treated.

Note! The machine must have a reverse function. It will come in handy when you remove the gel polish from the "working" hand - so there is a risk of damaging the cuticle below. If there is no reverse, just flip your palm with your nails up.

Pros: quick removal of gel polish.

Cons: The risk of microtraumas due to inexperience; the machine can be expensive.

Step-by-step instructions for removing gel polish at home

The way to remove gel polish using foil is simple: cut 5 cotton swabs in half (you get 10 for all fingers), prepare 10 squares of 4x4 cm foil.

Soak each cotton piece with nail polish remover, apply it to the nail and wrap it with foil. As a result, you should have hands "a la Freddy Krugger". In this way, frightening others is not long - only 15-20 minutes, it is necessary for impregnation and chemical reaction.

After this time, remove the tampons and foil. The gel coat will become sticky and peeling. Carefully remove its large parts with tweezers, if necessary with a wooden stick (even a disposable sushi set is suitable). After that, the nail plate will be rough, you will need to lightly file it with a buff file.

The same goes for special napkins. But with hardware technology it is more difficult; dexterity will be required. But if you want to save money on trips to the salon, you should buy a typewriter and learn how to work with it at home. The budget will be saved, and friends with a similar gel coating will love it!

“Removal by the device is considered safer because a thin layer of the previous base remains (this is what professional specialists do). The nail plate is not damaged. If you shoot "zero", then it is done very, very carefully. "

Before you tackle your nails or practice on loved ones, do not be afraid to practice. Plastic samples are suitable for this. For direct work, provide a level place of normal height - your elbows should be firmly supported. Start removing from the cuticle, then move to the edge. Always keep the attachment horizontal. Never put pressure on your nail! All that is required is for the shiny surface of the gel polish to come off.

How to take care of your nails after removing gel polish at home?

Regardless of the method chosen, the outer side of the nail plate is damaged. Acetone, mechanical movements leave roughness. If you tried hardware removal, wounds may appear out of habit. How to return a well-groomed look to your hands if a new manicure is not planned in the near future?

First, stock up on a special nail oil. It contains vitamins C and E, which prevent delamination. Natural herbal supplements, olive oil, or coconut oil will provide nutrition.

Second, have a "SPA night" at home. To do this, you need cosmetic paraffin - you need to purchase it in advance. Wax with the addition of honey will "bake" the damaged surface of the nail; it is also a great hand mask.

Thirdly, use special varnishes. They are produced by professional brands like Zinger, OPI, Limoni. They offer a wide palette of colors, without forgetting the healing properties: protection, care, and strengthening.

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