How to cleanse your face at home?

How to cleanse your face at home?


To keep your face healthy, young and beautiful for a long time, you need to take proper care of it. Namely - to cleanse qualitatively. Together with an expert beautician, we will tell you how to cleanse your face at home step by step.

How to cleanse your face at home

The first step in facial skincare is cleansing. No expensive creams and procedures at a beautician will help to preserve her beauty and health if you do not start with the simplest and most obvious - cleaning. The good news is that the procedure can be done at home, but it is important to know how to properly cleanse your skin on your own.

As cosmetologists say, the skin is the largest organ of our body. It protects, participates in the regulation of body temperature, maintains water-salt and hormonal balance, that is, it does not the easiest job.

- Our skin is composed of several layers. At each, we can help her:

The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin. It provides a waterproof barrier and tones our skin. It must be protected, protected from the sun (use SPF-means), avoid exposure to aggressive substances and, of course, cleaned.

The dermis is located under the epidermis and contains tough connective tissue, hair follicles, and sweat glands. It contains collagen and elastin, two proteins essential for healthy skin. Collagen gives the skin strength and flexibility, while elastin helps to restore its elasticity and helps to return to its original shape after stretching. With age and under the influence of external factors, the production of elastin and collagen in the skin gradually decreases. Correct lifestyle and nutrition, cosmetic procedures, and professionally selected home care will help to replenish them.

Hypodermis (subcutaneous fat) - deeper subcutaneous tissue, consists of adipose and connective tissue. It retains heat, protects vital internal organs. With aging, the amount of tissue in this layer decreases, sagging outlines are formed (for example, the oval of the face). Facial massage, regular visits to a beautician, proper nutrition and lifestyle, professional home care can help. From the above, it is clear that the first step in everything is skin cleansing.

Step-by-step instruction

The key to beautiful face skin is proper cleansing. And you can do this without any cosmetologists if you adhere to the recommendations listed below. Your skin will thank you.

Step 1. Wash off makeup with milk

The expert notes that first of all, you need to remove mascara and lipstick - be sure to use different sponges or cotton pads. Then you can cleanse the eyebrows from the pencil or shadows, and then - the foundation. All of this can be done with milk or another makeup remover.

Step 2. We wash with warm water

After you have applied the makeup remover to your face and removed all the remnants of makeup, you need to wash your face with warm, and preferably cool water. Hot water makes the sebaceous glands work as actively as possible.

Step 3. Apply toner according to your skin type

- After washing, apply a toner according to your skin type. It will normalize your pH, soften your skin, and tighten your pores. An important point - there should be no alcohol in toners for dry and combination skin.

This completes the daily skin cleansing procedure, but there are still a couple of important points:

Use cleansing face masks

Once a week, it does not hurt to do a cleansing mask for skin type based on clay, enzymes, and acids. They not only promote deeper cleansing but also remove dead skin cells, accelerate the process of cell renewal and relieve inflammation.

Use a peeling roll

The peeling roll is a gentle and exfoliating agent. It gently dissolves dead skin cells of the epidermis with cosmetic acids. Unlike scrubs, the product does not contain traumatic particles, so it is great for weekly use. This will only benefit.

Change your face towel

- If you wipe your face with a towel, then you need to change it every two days. It should be strictly only for the face and only yours! Better to use dry towels. They look like big toilet paper, but they help keep germs out of the face, says the beautician.

Use professional skincare cosmetics

- And still in favor of professional care cosmetics. Funds from the nearest store may be economical, but "tear it off and throw it away" from them. And with good funds, you can shorten the trips to the beautician, - the expert believes.

Popular questions and answers:

How often can you use a face scrub?

The main rules for cleansing the face at home and not only - no excessive exfoliation. Regular exfoliation is good: skin relief is leveled, pigmentation is reduced, acne is contained. But daily exfoliation is categorically bad. It leads to increased skin sensitivity, redness, and thinning.
The key to beautiful and healthy skin: scrubbing no more than once a week. But it is better to replace it altogether with a peeling roll.

How to choose cosmetics for cleansing your face?

The composition of the funds should contain a high concentration of peptides, amino acids, and extracts of medicinal plants. Moreover, professional products usually do not contain parabens, steroids, methanol, dyes, and heavy metals. Choose fully certified products that have international quality certifications. Such tools will really "work". Any cosmetologist can help with the choice.

How to keep your skin beautiful and healthy for a long time thanks to cleansing?

To make the skin perfect, it is not enough just to cleanse. I suggest 7 simple steps to healthy skin:

1. Fasting day for the face. From time to time, preferably once a week, take a day without makeup: just moisturizer and no foundation.

2. Apply moisturizer within a minute after washing your face. This will preserve the maximum amount of moisture and help the cream to be more effective.

3. Get rid of sponges. First, they absorb more than they give. Secondly, it is an ideal environment for bacteria. For the skin, it is much more beneficial to simply wash with a toner, and apply the foundation with clean fingers.

4. Regular peels. Getting rid of the upper layers of the skin is the guarantee of its youth and health!

5. Brush your teeth before breakfast. By brushing your teeth to the first glass of water, you will get rid of a lot of bacteria. Believe me, the skin will thank you!

6. Remember to use a UV-protected cream. Ideally, instead of a foundation, use creams that already contain SPF.

7. Primer. If you can't do without foundation, use a primer first. It has a neutral chemical composition and can protect oily skin from acne and clogged pores, and normal skin from drying out. Believe us, with foundation, the skin loses a lot of moisture.
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