Very important information about childhood vaccinations

Very important information about childhood vaccinations


 Very important information about childhood vaccinations

We discussed the problems of immunization and vaccination of children with the pediatrician-neonatologist Natalya Maykova, doctor of the maternity hospital by the name of V.I. K.N. Samoilova.

At what age should you be vaccinated?

If a child is born healthy, full term and has no breathing problems, they have received high marks on the Apgar scale - they can be vaccinated according to the immunization schedule. The first vaccinations are already carried out in the maternity ward. And then they continue throughout the first year. The second, a revaccination of certain vaccinations is carried out, then the child is vaccinated closer to the entrance to school.

If the child was born prematurely, he has deviations in his condition, then the question of vaccinations is decided individually, as the baby grows and becomes stronger, the doctor allows vaccination. It can be the first month of life and dates much later.

What are the complications after vaccination?

The most common possible complication with the introduction of a vaccine is an allergic reaction to the components of the drug. Other complications depend on the type of vaccination, they are described in detail in the instructions for the drug. It is important to emphasize that complications are very rare and that with proper preparation for vaccination the risks are significantly reduced.

How do you know if a vaccine is safe?

All vaccines used on the territory of the Russian Federation are safe, they have passed all the necessary clinical studies that have confirmed their effectiveness and safety. With proper preparation, vaccination by certified specialists in a medical facility, the risks are minimal. But it is important to follow all the doctor's recommendations.

Can I come for the vaccination with my own vaccine?

Although the purchase of vaccines by parents themselves is allowed, so that the drug does not lose its effectiveness and be safe, it must be stored and transported correctly at strictly specified temperatures. It is extremely difficult for parents to comply with it on their own, without special refrigeration bags. Therefore, it is better to choose a medical center in which vaccination is carried out with the necessary vaccines and to carry out it within the walls of the institution with their preparations.

Is it possible to refuse certain vaccinations?

Yes, parents have the right to refuse all or part of the vaccinations throughout the childhood of the child. They can carry out vaccinations selectively, according to an individual schedule, in agreement with the doctor and by signing the appropriate papers.

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