What to give for the birth of a child


 What to give for the birth of a child

A joyful event happened: a baby was born from your loved ones. You were invited to the celebration and immediately the question arose of what to give for the birth of a child. "MAWAHIBI" has collected unusual gift ideas:

1. A practical gift

With the birth of a child, not only does a child bring a lot of joy, but also an increase in the number of expenses. Baby food, clothes, rattle toys and other small things. Therefore, at the birth of a child, many try to present a useful gift that will go to business.

What we recommend to donate

Layers. Here is what will certainly be useful in large volumes. We assure you that parents will appreciate it. Yet the costs of this important "accessory" in the early years are high. For those who do not want to give a naked package of diapers, we suggest decorating it in the form of a cake. You can buy ready-to-wear or get creative yourself. You can also add a few more levels to it from baby food cans.

2. Take care of health

It is especially stressful for young parents to figure out what is wrong with the child when they cry. Is your stomach hurting, is it just a whim or a rise in temperature? Fever can be difficult to define. First, babies have a higher temperature. Second, how can an irresponsible child hold a thermometer?

What we recommend to donate

Non-contact thermometer. It is a device that measures the temperature in seconds in any part of the body. Some models lean against their foreheads. Others can simply be pointed and, thanks to safe infrared radiation, they read heat from a distance of a few centimeters. There are also special models for children. They can be used to measure the temperature of mixtures and bathing waters.

3. For healthy food

When caring for babies, there are many hygienic practices that should be followed. Handle pacifiers, bottles, diapers, and sliders. After all, crumbs are especially vulnerable to bacteria and viruses.

What we recommend to donate

Sterilizer for children. It is a device that decontaminates bottles and pacifiers. There are electric models in which you put the dishes, close the lid and the appliance generates steam. The procedure takes about 20 minutes. When finished, a beep sounds. There are only boxes that can be placed in a microwave oven - they are cheaper.

4. For parents' peace of mind

In the early years, the baby needs an eye and an eye. Babies may just cry because they have lost contact with their parents. Older children start exploring the world, running, trying to climb, and climbing dangerous places. But keeping the child in sight is not always possible. Sometimes you have to do household chores.

What we recommend to donate

Everyone knows a baby monitor - a walkie-talkie that's always on and, if something happens, plays a baby's cry. But today, with the development of technology, baby monitors have become affordable in price - a set of a camera installed in a room and a monitor to receive a signal. Its advantage is that you can follow adult children, who are actively studying all around.

5. Assemble it for a walk

During the early years, when walking with a child, parents are forced to take a whole arsenal of things that may be needed at any time - a pair of pacifiers, a bottle of water, a bottle of formula, handkerchiefs, diapers, in general. , a complete set.

What we recommend to donate

A bag for mom. It is spacious and made of durable fabric. In addition, many are divided into compartments for "baby accessories", for example compartments for bottles, medicines, etc. Now there is a large selection in the stores. Some look quite stylish and not just like a travel bag. Fashionistas will appreciate it.

6. To breathe easily

In recent years, the number of children with allergies has increased. Many have breathing problems due to the build-up of mucus in the nasopharynx. All of this interferes with the proper development of the child. Many start to breathe through their mouths, which is not true.

What we recommend to donate

Consider a nasal aspirator as an idea for a birthday present. It is a portable device that pumps purulent discharge from the nasal cavity. There are electronic and mechanical devices. The snot falls into a special compartment which can be washed and disinfected.

7. For those who appreciate the moment

People were more sentimental. They cut a lock of the child's hair and stored it. There weren't any smartphones with good cameras so we went to a photo studio or ordered a professional with a camera. Today, this is all a thing of the past. But you can still give emotions.

What we recommend to donate

Plaster for modeling. Parents can mix the solution and leave a print of the baby's hand or foot on it. Some then hang the plaster in a frame or paint it and make it a piece of décor. Or you can just keep it for a long memory and after many years take it out of the box and be touched.
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