What to give for housewarming

What to give for housewarming


What to give for housewarming

"Mawahibi" has collected ideas for unusual gifts for new settlers: we tell you what to give for a housewarming, so that the present will definitely please loved ones.

Your loved ones bought a house, moved and are invited to a housewarming party. Do not go to the party empty-handed, You definitely need to give something.
Mawahibi comes to the rescue; we have prepared ideas for unusual gifts for housewarming.

1. For moviegoers

Today, mass culture has, in a sense, reached its apogee in terms of the amount of content consumed by the viewer. Series and films are stamped at such a speed that you do not have time to watch all the new items, as something new is being discussed on the Internet. And sometimes it is just difficult to navigate in all the diversity.

What we recommend to give

Online cinema subscription card . It can be just an electronic code or printed on a physical medium. Services are now in abundance and everyone has their own interesting content, which will not even be enough for a lifetime to watch! So choose whichever one you like and present it. Just make sure there is something to look at.

2. For wine lovers.

It is an old tradition to bring a bottle of fine wine when we go to our loved ones' home. But it often happens that the new settlers do not even have the device to open the drink. We offer not only a way out of the situation, but also a solution to the problem, what to give for the warmth of the house.

What we recommend to give

Something of an accessory for cultural wine consumption. For example, you can purchase an electric corkscrew, an aerator to breathe wine, a universal stopper, or a cooling cover . Or you can present the whole set of sommeliers at once and add another book about wines.

3. It will come in handy on the farm

A new apartment often lacks a variety of household items. And sometimes new settlers do not want to carry things at all that they used at the previous place of residence and prefer to update many of the details. You can take advantage of this feature and buy something practical for your home.

What we recommend to give

Cutting boards set. A good kit is not cheap, not everyone will buy one for themselves. Some are generally content with one surface, although for hygiene reasons there should be at least two of them - for raw products and ready-to-eat. Therefore, the gift will definitely find application in the household.

4. Gambling natures

We, of course, mean a good manifestation of this quality. When passionate people in this way get rid of negativity and have fun. We do not recommend giving cards or access to online casinos for housewarming. There is a better idea.

What we recommend to give

Board game. This is a kind of symbol of a friendly pastime at home. Maybe after the housewarming game, this will become your good tradition and you will gather with your loved ones every week or month to spread the dice again and lead your chip forward.

5. Passionate about cleanliness

When we move into a new apartment, we always think about the order and comfort that we want to create and maintain in our home. Giving a set of household chemicals for a housewarming is not a good idea. But there is a device that neat people will appreciate.

What we recommend to give

Air purifier. Or they are also called "air washers" . It is a safe device that can still have humidification and ionization functions. The device collects dust particles that fly in the air. It is particularly suggested for families with little youngsters.

6. Technological

There is a category of people that greedily grabs all the trends of technical progress. They are also called technologists. They like all devices with the prefix "smart", "smart" and so on. You can play on such interest from new settlers and think about the idea of ​​a gift.

What we recommend to give

Smart home improvement kit. It includes sockets that allow you to remotely turn off the power. Sensor for opening doors or turning on the light - when a person enters the room. Or the ability to adjust the lighting level in the smartphone app. There may be cameras and, in fact, household appliances themselves, which are tied into a single infrastructure.

7. For those who always lack space

When you move into a new house, the empty living space seems spacious. Pictures are immediately drawn in my head: "I'll put a table here, here is an armchair." But very soon the place ends. There is always little empty space. But there is a way out - you just need to properly order it.

What we recommend to give

Storage containers. This can be a laundry basket, dividers that fit inside drawers, or neat containers for small items. All this brings order and is sure to come in handy for new settlers in everyday life.

How to choose a housewarming gift

Ask directly what is missing. There is a chance that a loved one will answer right away. Or hints. Or maybe he "let slip" earlier that it would be nice to buy such and such a thing for housewarming. Think back to recent conversations.

Don't give trinkets. All kinds of charms, souvenirs and other things from which you will need to wipe the dust. If you really want to, limit yourself to a compact thing.

A good housewarming gift can be a certificate for a home appliance store. Let people choose for themselves what they lack in the household.

Dishes are considered a traditional gift for a new home. For example, some kind of service. But if you choose a present for young people, be careful, they may not need many sets and yours will simply gather dust. Therefore, if you really want to donate dishes, choose a beautiful set for your daily meal or a separate accessory such as a candy bowl, cake stand or fruit bowl. Just find out at least minimally about the style of the kitchen and preferences.

A blanket or bedding is considered a safe option. Such things are not superfluous.

For some, you can give a home plant as a gift. Just make sure that people are not on frequent trips so that there is someone to look after the flower. But giving animals is not a good idea.

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