What to give a friend for his birthday

What to give a friend for his birthday

"MAWAHIBI" has compiled a selection of presents that can be presented to a friend for his birthday. We offer ideas for unusual gifts that will definitely not gather dust in the closet

What to give a friend for his birthday

The situation is familiar to everyone: a friend is soon having a birthday and of the ideas for a gift, only belts and ties are spinning in his head. But you want to buy an uncommon present and please the birthday boy. We have compiled a list of the most interesting and useful birthday gifts for a friend.

1. Someone who keeps track of time

Nowadays, new gadgets appear every month. Some of them are created just for fun, while others are designed to make our life easier. Equipment with a wide range of useful functionality can be a great gift.

What we recommend to give:

Someone who keeps track of time

Smart watch or fitness bracelet. A universal present for the gadget lover. Especially suitable for a person who always tries to be in touch. Such a clock and time will be shown, and messages will be displayed, and the steps will be counted.

2. Lover to warm up

Today people rarely find time for sports. Continuous work at the computer, which many of us sin, negatively affects the body. Everyone knows the rule: do not forget about the warm-up - and be healthy! Therefore, everything related to maintaining health will come in handy.

What we recommend to give:

Lover to warm up

Hand Grip Strengthener. Perfect for busy people - you can stretch your hands tired of gadgets without being distracted from work. There are also universal resistance bands for different muscle groups. Such an accessory does not take up much space and is suitable even for a beginner.

3. For the music lover

There are music lovers for whom it is never enough. They listen to songs on the way to work, home, at the gym, at the dacha, at a picnic - and wherever possible. It is very easy to please such people with gifts that will help them not to part with their favorite tracks: speakers, headphones, music players, service subscriptions.

What we recommend to give:

For the music lover

As a birthday present for a friend, we recommend choosing a portable speaker. This acoustics works wirelessly for hours. You can take such a thing outdoors or arrange a disco at home. Pay attention to the design - some speakers will be a great interior decoration.

4. For car enthusiasts

Do not forget that the car must remain well-groomed not only outside, but also inside. With this, you can help the birthday boy.

What we recommend to give:

For car enthusiasts

Seat covers in the car. These capes will protect the seats in the car and give the interior a fresh look. They can be removed and washed at any time - it will be much cheaper than dry cleaning the seats. Now you can pick up any versatile design and quality materials.

5. Someone who is always in touch

This is our modern lot: we wake up with a phone in hand, and sometimes fall asleep in the same way. We work through a smartphone, communicate with family and friends through it and solve the most important matters. And the phone takes and is discharged at the most inopportune moment.

What we recommend to give:

Someone who is always in touch

A portable battery is the most useful birthday present for a friend. It can be of different capacities, so if you know your friend's phone model, you can pick up a powerbank right for him: find the capacity of his gadget on the Internet and present a battery with a capacity 2-3 times larger than that of the phone.

6. A fan of hygiene

There is nothing shameful for a man in taking care of himself, especially when it comes to hygiene. A bunch of electrical appliances come to the rescue, with which routine procedures become better and bring more health benefits.

What we recommend to give:

A fan of hygiene

Electric toothbrush. Such brushes come with different types of movement: reciprocating / sweeping, pulsating, and more expensive devices combine several types of movement at once. Also, when choosing, pay attention to the charge of the brush and the presence of a timer and a pressure sensor - an optional, but pleasant bonus.

How to choose a birthday present for a friend

It's no secret that men, unlike girls, tend to prefer practical gifts rather than sentimental gifts. If you have known a friend for a long time, then you probably should know what kind of gifts he gives priority to.
But even if you have known this person for a long time, be careful with presents in which, as it may seem to you, you cannot be mistaken. For example, perfume. If over the years you have seen the same bottle of perfume from a friend and decided to give something similar or exactly the same for your birthday, perhaps such a present will come out sideways for you. Over the years or months of use, this eau de toilette could get bored, and you simply do not know about it and give the notorious aroma.
It is better to choose a birthday present for a friend based on his lifestyle. Interested in technology, spend a lot of time on the phone? Present accessories for gadgets. Don't miss a single workout? Ask for advice on which sports nutrition to choose and give the same. Or maybe he loves to cook and has long dreamed of new cool knives for the kitchen?
Remember the golden rule: if you want to do something not only useful, but also pleasant, give two gifts. One - the right one, which a friend will really use, and the second let it be a sentimental trinket or just tasty - to cheer up.
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