What to give a girl for her birthday

What to give a girl for her birthday

What to give a girl for her birthday: "Mawahibi" has collected ideas for unusual gifts to please her beloved. A selection of presents for every taste and wallet

What to give a girl for her birthday

There used to be such a joke in men's magazines about eternal questions: who is to blame, what to do, and what to give a girl for her birthday. We decided to make life easier for all Romeos and prepared top ideas for unusual gifts. When your lady already has an iPhone and a fur coat, it's time to turn to this rating.

1. For personal care

With cosmetics, especially decorative, you can hardly guess. And all the creams for women look the same, and the girl may not be happy with your choice - not her favorite brand, poor quality, the wrong type of skin. But there is still a way to make a birthday present for a girl for her beauty and health.

What we recommend to give

Supplement for improving the condition of skin, hair, and nails. They are not cheap. Many American and European manufacturers. At the same time, vitamins are well tolerated by most, but there are still contraindications, so consult your doctor so that he can help with the right choice.

2. For relaxation

Most of us have sedentary office jobs today. We do not devote enough time to sports. Even the recommended rate of 10 thousand steps is not passed by everyone. Moreover, when there is a car. In such conditions, the blood begins to circulate worse, which leads first to discomfort and then to health problems.

What we recommend to give

Vibrating massager. They are available for the neck, eyes, legs, and whole body. We warn you right away that not all ladies will appreciate such a birthday present. Someone might snort, so only the one you know well should hand it over. But if you get into a wish, the gift will definitely be appreciated.

3. Music lovers

Young people today rarely imagine life without music. We suggest that you take this thought into service when you are puzzled by the question of what to give a girl for her birthday.

What we recommend to give

Wireless headphones. If you want - take the most famous from the "apple" company or trust numerous Asian brands. Just remember that for girls, their appearance is also important. Therefore, avoid bulky or sloppy models. A case with headphones will become another fashion accessory in the girl's arsenal.

4. Creative natures

If a lady has an artistic streak in her soul, then we have an idea for an unusual birthday present. Remember Polaroid cameras from the 90s? They have not been released for a long time. But modern analogs have appeared on the market.

What we recommend to give

We recommend an instant camera as a birthday present for a girl. Many firms make them. Some models are cheaper than others. In the premium segment, you can review the images before printing and select graphic filters. Only the hobby is still costly - photo paper cartridges are not cheap.

5. If she likes to be photographed

Thanks to the cameras in our smartphones, we capture all the memorable moments. Perhaps there is no such person who today would not grab his phone to capture an event especially dear to his heart. Our girls also love to take pictures of themselves.

What we recommend to give

As a birthday present for a girl, you can buy a selfie lamp. They are sometimes referred to as "LED ring lights". There are also large ones, but make-up artists rather need them. But portable models that cling to a smartphone or a special flexible tripod with a phone holder will be a great present for selfie lovers.

How to choose a birthday present for a girl

If your relationship has just begun, then it is important to choose an appropriate present. For example, giving a set of linen is vulgar, and a set of office supplies is inappropriate. But Mawahibi has a recipe! You listened attentively to your passion during communication? Surely she said at least once what she lacks. Some kind of every day, but necessary thing.

However, not all ladies will be happy with such a useful present. Do you remember that some girls, as well as men, love with their eyes for the time being? They love to perform beautiful feats for their sake. Therefore, the breadth of the gesture plays an important role for some individuals. And there is nothing shameful in this. All people are different, and since you liked the girl and you decided to pursue her, then you can accept these rules of the game.

When you are faced with the question of what to give, remember that emotions are very important for ladies. This does not mean that you need to kidnap her from the house blindfolded and drag her to jump from a parachute (although some will be delighted with this). Let her feel on this birthday that she is the very best. Order flowers, call her a premium taxi to work. By the way, you can make this move not only on her birthday.

Broke your head and went over all the ideas for unusual gifts? There is a saving option: a gift certificate. With a clothing store, you might not guess. Although suddenly you followed our commandments and listened attentively to your beloved? The neutral option is a certificate to a cosmetics store or spa. Just don't give it in a lonely envelope. Add flowers and compliments.
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