What to give a child for his birthday?

What to give a child for his birthday?

Spent a lot of time and money, and the birthday person is not happy or upset? We tell you what to give your child for his birthday, taking into account age characteristics

What to give a child for his birthday?

Regardless of whether you were determined what to give your youngster for his birthday, or he, at the end of the day, requested something explicit, this doesn't imply that you are saved from the torture of decision. Constructor? Wooden or iron, how many parts? A doll? Plastic or soft, what accessories should be? Abstract "for creativity" or "developmental"? In general, you can break your head.

Universal baby birthday gifts

Universal gifts include:

Money or certificates

Indeed, even at 2-3 years of age, the infant will actually want to pick a toy in the store himself. However, he doesn't yet comprehend the estimation of cash (and particularly speculation coins, bank stores, and so on), so a little surprise is still needed. For example, bills can be hidden in a stylish handbag or the body of a car, given to a doll, or put in a box with sweets, although it is best to just give it to parents;


Modern manufacturers offer constructors from 6 months - made of silicone, porous rubber, soft-padded elements, light plastic. And there are also unusual kits marked 12+ (radio-controlled or for creating programmable robots) and even 16+ for several thousand parts (for example, an exact copy of the Hogwarts school from "Harry Potter");

Jigsaw puzzles

One-year-old babies can put together a wooden or cardboard picture of two halves. With age, the amount of detail and variety of subjects and forms increases. For example, vases and lamps made of plastic fragments or crystal puzzles (volumetric figures from transparent parts) will perfectly decorate the interior of a nursery. Or you can hang a copy of a world-famous painting assembled from hundreds of pieces on the wall.


Very young children gnaw the granite of science in the truest sense of the word. Like the first books, those made of PVC are suitable. Further, the child can be introduced to thick cardboard, panoramas, books with windows, with music. Older children will be happy to study encyclopedias with additional materials in the form of maps, pockets with items on the topic of the publication (for example, stones in a book on geology). And the time for 4D books with augmented reality is just around the corner!

Creator's Kit

By the age of one, an interest in drawing wakes up in children. The kid can be introduced to finger paints, pencils. The older the child, the more opportunities to show their talents: kinetic sand and plasticine, paintings by numbers and diamond mosaics, kits for embroidery, and creating toys are at their service.

Sports complexes, if the size of the apartment allows

Both girls and boys love miniature outdoor playgrounds, especially when the weather does not allow long walks. If the birthday person goes to the section or is just active, this item can be expanded to the concept of "sports goods" (balls, gymnastic apparatus, uniforms, costumes for performances, a shelf for storing awards).

Stuffed Toys

This is one of the most popular baby gifts, but we have sent it to the bottom of the list. It's still more of a gift for girls. Although, for example, a talking hamster will amuse the boys too.

There are two more universal, practical, but controversial points. As in the situation with clothes, children may not perceive them as a gift, but then they will appreciate and will be happy to use:


This, of course, is not about a service for 12 people, which relatives used to love to give. But in the company with your favorite characters, the soup will become tastier! For younger children, it is better to buy bamboo and plastic plates and mugs so as not to be afraid to break them, and for older children - glass or porcelain. Images can be found for every taste - with heroes of your favorite Soviet and Disney cartoons, comics, and anime. Not what the birthday boy loves? Apply the picture you want to order on the dishes!

Bed linen or pajamas

In this case, it will also be possible to pick up a kit for fans of a wide variety of cartoons and comics. If your child doesn't have any special preferences, surprise him with 3D underwear with a "suit" on the duvet cover. Taking cover, girls will feel like real ballerinas or princesses, and boys - astronauts and superheroes. Teens with a sense of humor will appreciate kits with a shark or dinosaurs - from the side, it will look as if their head is sticking out of the mouth of a predator.

Listen to the child's stories in everyday life, ask leading questions yourself. He can tell about the gift directly "I wish they would buy me ..." or indirectly "The boy had such an interesting thing on the playground ...". Ask your birthday boy's friends what dreams he shared with them. When else to fulfill your innermost desires, if not on your birthday?
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