Ginger water for weight loss: recipe, how to drink?

Ginger water for weight loss: recipe, how to drink?

Summer is already on the doorstep, but your readiness for it leaves much to be desired - last year's clothes, shoes also do not correspond to the trend, and most importantly, is your body still burdened with "winter gifts"? Leave all worries and worries for later, take your girlfriends and go-ahead - for new clothes. And do not forget to grab a magic drink for the shop tour, which will give you a lot of energy and relieve you of extra pounds. Don't you understand what this is about? Then it's time to find out about this wonderful drink.

Miracle root

Ginger water for weight loss: recipe, how to drink?

More advanced ladies have probably already guessed that a drink that gives a person strength for great accomplishments and helps to lose weight is simply called ginger water for weight loss. It is this oriental seasoning that has a useful property - its composition activates metabolic processes in the human body, which improves efficiency and burns excess adipose tissue.

Ginger got its name from the specific shape of the rhizome, which resembles a horn. At first, this spice was used as a monetary unit, and somewhat later they began to be added to food and medicines. In China, ginger was used to treat nausea and was used as a wound-healing agent. Also, the "horned root" was considered an aphrodisiac - it was put in food for newlyweds, and the rulers drank the infusion of ginger before visiting the concubines.

There are two types of ginger:

White (Bengal) is a washed and peeled root.

Black or Barbados - the root is not subjected to any kind of processing, the only thing is that it can be scalded with boiling water. Its flavor and aroma are richer than white ginger.
At the break, both types of the root have a yellow color, the intensity of which can be different and depends on the age of the rhizome.

Ginger water for weight loss: recipe, how to drink?

Useful properties of ginger

Ginger is considered a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids. It contains iron, oleic acid, calcium, magnesium, manganese, niacin, potassium, ascorbic acid, tryptophan, valine, and much more.

This root is called one of the best antioxidants of our time and the safest way to activate the immune and digestive systems. Due to its composition and a certain percentage of essential oils, ginger raises the temperature in the core of the human body, thus increasing internal energy consumption, which triggers lipolysis reactions. Fat cells are broken down, you get extra energy and lose weight at the same time.

There are also contraindications to the use of this spice. There are only a few of them and you need to remember about them:
* Pregnancy.
* Lactation period (breastfeeding).
* Stomach or duodenal ulcer.
* Colitis.
* Individual intolerance.

Ginger water recipes

The simplest recipe for ginger water for weight loss is as follows: take 1-2 tablespoons of fresh (grated) ginger and pour boiling water over it (1.5-2 liters). It is best to insist on a thermos for 4-6 hours. Strain the resulting infusion and drink 200 ml 20-25 minutes before meals. But there is one caveat - the taste of this tea will be sharp, rich with a high percentage of bitterness.

To make the drink softer, nutritionists recommend pouring hot water with a mixture of ginger and lemon (2 tablespoons of root and 1 whole lemon with zest). The addition of honey to the infusion also improves the taste.

If you like green tea, try this recipe: brew green tea in a teapot in the usual way, pour it a mixture of 20 grams. ginger and juice of one lemon. Insist in a thermos for about 4 hours, strain the drink and drink 150 ml 20-30 minutes before eating.

Rules for using ginger water

* To make the process of losing weight with ginger water as fast and effective as possible, remember a few simple rules for using this drink:

* The intense taste of ginger "muffles" the taste buds of a person, thereby reducing his appetite. Therefore, drink the infusion of ginger 20-30 minutes before meals.

* In order not to overload the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the elimination of lipocyte breakdown products, consume no more than 2 liters of tea per day. In addition to ginger water, you should drink other liquids (water, tea, juices).

* To prevent insomnia, drink the last portion of the infusion no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.

* Only brew freshly grated or freshly chopped ginger.

* Honey should be put only in the already cooled tea, then it will not lose its beneficial properties.

* There are very few rules and they are easy to follow, but following them along with a small dietary adjustment can work wonders. You will not only get rid of extra pounds, but strengthen your immunity, improve the condition of your skin and hair, and also give yourself a tremendous charge of good mood and vigor.

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