Graduation Gifts for Teachers

Graduation Gifts for Teachers

The best gifts for graduation teachers are those made from the heart. We have collected 25 presentation ideas that can please school teachers.
The long-awaited farewell party: children are on emotions, parents exhale that another stage of life has passed, teachers with a sad smile see off their wards. The tradition of giving gifts to teachers is old. No matter how strong the voices of opponents sound like: “Teachers are paid, why give them something?”, Many still sincerely want to thank the mentor of their children. Moreover, there is a great reason for this - graduation from school. "Mawahibi" has collected the best ideas for gifts to teachers for graduation.

Graduation Gifts for Teachers

Top 25 Best Teacher Graduation Gift Ideas

Anyway, the best reward for him will be a respectful and warm attitude from the students.

1. Thermo mug

In an era when people live with a cup of coffee or tea to go, this is a very relevant gift. In such a mug, the drink retains heat for a long time. And also the design closes conveniently and does not spill in the bag. Good models have a heating function. They are powered by a small battery or connected with a USB cable to any computer.

2. Desktop humidifier

Models that can set the required humidity level in the entire room are decent. And our task is to offer ideas for gifts to teachers for graduation. Portable devices fit perfectly into this category. They are placed on the desktop and create a pleasant microclimate around them. They save on a hot summer day or if the batteries are excessively hot in the room in winter.

3. Gift set of tea

Or coffee - it tastes like a teacher. We think the children will tell you that their teacher likes to drink more. The present is good because it will be in demand anyway. The teacher can take him home or leave him at work. After all, we ourselves rarely buy good tea and coffee for our service, and here there is a reason to please the teacher.

4. Neck massager

A compact gadget that heats up to a pleasant temperature and vibrates gently. It kneads the neck-collar zone, accelerates blood, relieves tension, and even helps some from headaches. The gift is again good because the teacher can either leave it at work or take it home.

5. Back cushion

Another attribute that is directly related to the sedentary work of a teacher. An office chair is not always comfortable. Keeping your back straight and maintaining a natural arch in the lower back will help this gift. Typically, these pillows are filled with memory foam. It takes the shape of the body line and does not stretch more than necessary.

6. Digital weather station

The presentation does not pull the role of the main, but it seems an interesting gift. Especially if the teacher teaches natural sciences: geography, biology, physics, or chemistry. He can leave the device in the classroom and further use it in the educational process. Think over extraordinary laboratory work with him and clearly explain to future students how the weather outside the window depends on atmospheric pressure and wind speed.

7. Set for growing flowers

Kits with a pot, the right soil, and seeds were originally sold in the baby store. Something like recruiting a youngster. But today they are designed for adults as well. An original planter, for example, made of wood, exotic flowers or even a tree seedling will delight the teacher and will keep the memory of your graduation for a long time.

8. Shawl

A gift for the ladies teachers. It is clear that you will not be flaunting in such a thing in the 21st century. But to use it as a neat alternative to a blanket on a cold workday - why not? Now they produce a great variety of scarves with interesting prints and patterns.

9. External battery

Or a power bank. Compact, has large resources and all possible charging slots. Considering that many teachers today use tablets, laptops, and smartphones to prepare for lessons, the present will certainly help out more than once.

10. Sticks for Nordic walking

A young teacher will not understand such a gift for graduation. And the one that is closer to retirement age may catch fire. Nordic walking is incredibly popular today. There are no contraindications for this gentle and at the same time effective sport. People in their 60s and 70s choose walking as a hobby and start every morning with the next distance.

11. Wireless speaker

It is a pity that the allotted financial limit for a gift is not enough for a system with a built-in voice assistant. But it is quite possible to keep within and buy an ordinary high-quality speaker. Such a graduation present can again be viewed from the point of view of usefulness both at home and in the work of a teacher. Stream audio recordings during a lesson or engage in a classroom disco.

12. Gift certificate

For those who do not want to risk a prom gift that may be out of place. It is not ethical to give money in an envelope, and the certificate card is devoid of negative connotations. But the teacher himself will be able to choose the right thing in the store.

13. Footrest

An ingenious gift that makes life easier for everyone who works at the table for a long time. A good product has an adjustable tilt angle and height, and a relief surface for massage has been added. The stand helps to relieve the spine, improves blood circulation in the legs.

14. Galileo thermometer

An Italian physicist of the past invented a similar device during his lifetime. Today, the accuracy of his readings is poor. The error is 3-4 degrees. But it looks very stylish. Such a souvenir will decorate any room: a classroom or your teacher's house. The bottom line is that multicolored buoys float in the flask. They change location depending on the room temperature. The lowest displacer reports the current temperature.

15. Teapot

Today in stores there is an extensive selection of kitchen utensils. The teapot can be made of glass or ceramics, with an avant-garde shape and classic multi-colored paintings. A nice and inexpensive gift. At school, they will definitely find a use for him.

16. Decorative book holder

Nice interior thing. Two stands that secure magazines or volumes from different sides. Looks stylish and complements the interior of any room. Decorated with different figures: silhouettes of cats, the head of a horse, or mythical Atlanteans.

17. Aroma diffuser

A stylish bottle filled with aromatic essence. Wooden sticks are inserted into it, soaked in the solution, and spread the fragrance. Cheap variations have a faint smell, and the bouquet is not chosen in the best way. More expensive diffusers are much better. By the way, there are also electric versions on sale. They work on the principle of a humidifier, only scattering aromatic oils.

18. Sterilizer for smartphone

A thing that is relevant in our times. A compact box into which the gadget is folded, the lid slams shut and magic happens inside. In fact, the mobile phone is simply treated with ultraviolet light. Such radiation is harmful to most bacteria. Cool models are equipped with a wireless charging function. It turns out a 2 in 1 device.

19. Drip coffee maker

The cost of this household appliance is just within a certain budget. And it is enough even for a good model with a heated container. The principle of operation is simple. Ground coffee is poured into the filter and hot water is dripped through it. The result is a kettle of freshly brewed black beverages.

20. Smart bracelet

We are sure that such a graduation gift will be appreciated by young teachers. Slim wrist strap with the display. Shows time, the number of steps taken, heart rate and is able to follow different types of workouts. This is used by men and women, so you can safely give.

21. Office stationery set

At first glance, this gift idea seems boring. But not all schools have a well-built system for buying basic stationery. Sometimes teachers have to buy paper in order not to leave children without printouts for lessons, to have a pack of spare pens for forgetful schoolchildren, etc. If you know that the school has problems with office supplies, then give the teacher a large set for graduation.

22. Photo album

Printed photographs are becoming a rarity today. And you will reverse the trend: order a large selection of shots for graduation. Collect all the pictures from school life from the children in the class. Let them be shot with a smartphone and in poor quality. A printed photo has a special magic. Well, it would be nice to add a few frames with your favorite teacher to the album.

23. Cooling stands for laptops

Suitable if the teacher has such a computer. This simple gadget is essentially a table with built-in fans, otherwise, it is called a cooler. The system cools the laptop stuffing, prevents overheating, which means the computer runs faster.

24. Lunchbox

Stylish and high-quality replacement for the usual food containers. Instead of bulky plastic cans - neat containers made from environmentally friendly materials. Some can be folded to a compact size.

25. Gift edition of the book

It would be nice just to know the approximate sphere of interests of the teacher, so as not to miscalculate with the genre of the book. Today, thousands of thematic publications with vivid illustrations are on sale. Not only fiction but also journalism, popular science works. The deluxe edition also looks great on the shelf.

Tips for Choosing a Graduation Gift for Teachers

Tips for Choosing a Graduation Gift for Teachers

Decide who and when to give. Not all teachers are invited to the graduation ceremony. It all depends on the traditions of the school and class. However, it will be embarrassing if the graduate student and the parent committee with fanfare present to the class teacher, and the rest are left without signs of attention. If you did not plan to give anything to other teachers, it is better to give the gift to your teacher in a more intimate atmosphere.

Bouquet from class... A good Soviet tradition - flowers for a teacher - is being transformed today. And not because people have become tight-fisted, and teachers are less fond of flowers. It's just that both sides realized that a huge bucket of bouquets would wither sooner or later. Therefore, today it is customary to give one good bouquet to everyone. Other flower money offers donations to charities. The flash mob even got the name "Children instead of flowers".
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