What to give for a wedding anniversary?

What to give for a wedding anniversary?


It's great when you are invited to your wedding anniversary. But the question immediately arises: what to give to loved ones? "Mawahibi" has prepared ideas for unusual gifts

What to give for a wedding anniversary?

Choosing a gift for your wedding anniversary is not an easy task. After all, you need to please two people at once, who, perhaps, have different hobbies. In order not to litter the home of a married couple with tea sets and sets of wine glasses, we invite you to get acquainted with our ideas of unusual and useful gifts that can be used together.

1. For light breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and where spouses tend to start their day together. But not always awake, people are eager to stand at the stove and cook up something like that. Saving time and not leaving your husband and wife hungry is what you need in the morning when you don't have time to cook for a long time.

What we recommend to give

Toaster. It seems that this machine does nothing but toast bread, but in fact, variations of toast sandwiches are off the charts. When choosing this gift, pay attention to additional functions - in some toasters, you can immediately bake sandwiches, and some miracle machines can also fry and boil eggs. So take a look at this unusual wedding anniversary gift idea.

2. To keep warm

How unpredictable the weather is in our country! One day the sun, the next - cold and slush. I just want to run home and dive into a warm bed. And if there is no heating at home, then conjugal love alone will no longer warm you.

What we recommend to give

An electric blanket or electric sheet. It sounds ominous, but no, if the product is used according to the instructions, then it will be absolutely safe. Such things are irreplaceable in cold weather, especially useful in a country house. They will warm you from the onset of cold and sore joints.

3. Lovers of gadgets

When you hear the words "wedding anniversary", you immediately imagine a couple of happy old men who do not need anything apart from their grandchildren and a vegetable garden. We break stereotypes: spouses can be progressive, and at any age.

What we recommend to give

Smart speaker. Such a thing will turn on the music on the voice issue and be able to control the TV, and, in general, will arrange a smart home for the family. These speakers have a built-in voice assistant that can keep your conversation going, tell you about the weather, or help you find a recipe online while your hands are full. Please note: the assistant is not always Russian-speaking.

4. Travelers

Probably one of the most enjoyable parts of family life is taking a vacation together. But the most unpleasant part of it is to fit all the things and not quarrel. This is especially difficult if the couple has children.

What we recommend to give

Suitcase. A thing that will never be superfluous, even if the family already has one or two. Airlines often have different fares with different baggage allowances, so having a spare suitcase on hand will come in handy. Lifehack: if you do not know the approximate dimensions of the spouses' existing suitcase, take the option for hand luggage - small and convenient, suitable for a child, and will definitely come in handy.

5. For a charge of vivacity

An unshakable truth: the mood of one spouse always affects the mood of the other. In moments when the household routine has overwhelmed, and in the morning it becomes difficult to wake up, our next gift will help.

What we recommend to give

A coffee machine or coffee maker will be a worthy gift for a wedding anniversary. It will fill the house with an enchanting aroma, and the body with vivacity. When buying, pay attention to the types of devices. For example, there are capsule coffee machines, for which you do not need to buy coffee and cream, you only need special capsules with a ready-made type of coffee. Advice: give preference to small-sized appliances so that they definitely find a place and pay attention to the design - it's not bad if it matches the kitchen interior in the spouses' house.

6. Romantics

It's a simple family miracle to keep love through the years. For all the days and months together, the couple accumulates a bunch of memories that they would like to relive over and over again. It's great when there are photos of these joyful moments, but you can't hang the whole house with them?

What we recommend to give

Digital photo frame. Just one frame, which stores dozens of pictures, and in some models even videos. In addition, you can choose an option with a clock, alarm clock, and calendar. Frames come in a variety of colors and designs.

7. Lovers of suburban life

Some couples rush out of town almost every weekend! And in the summer heat, you can't get them out of there at all. Such family outings to the country and nature rarely take place without cooking together. Things that will brighten up or simplify this process will be an excellent gift for your wedding anniversary.

What we recommend to give

B-B-Q. Old crooked barbecues and homemade brick structures did not stand nearby. Due to the lid, the heat flow is evenly distributed, plus you do not need to bother with skewers - you threw meat, fish, or vegetables on the wire rack, turned it over with tongs and you're done. And how proudly the phrase sounds: "We invite you to a barbecue!"

How to choose a gift for your wedding anniversary

To figure out what to give for your wedding anniversary, first of all, count how many years have passed since the wedding day. The easiest way is to choose a gift by wedding year. For example, a married couple celebrates two years from the date of the wedding - this is a paper wedding. On this occasion, you can give anything related to the paper: paintings, photographs, money.

You can also analyze how sentimental the spouses are: how often they talk about feelings, show them, and in general whether they make any romantic gestures towards each other. If the result of your thoughts is positive, then such couples will not be ashamed to give something cute, for example, a beautiful custom-made photo book.

Remember, all of a sudden the spouses told you that they are saving money: whether it be repairs, travel, a new TV. If this is the case, you can invite friends and family to put together financially and give a good amount - this idea of ​​a gift for a wedding anniversary is suitable for practical families.

And finally, if you do not know what to give, you should not despair and buy sets of dishes and bed linen - most likely, such presents will not surprise the couple anymore. Think about what unites these people? What do they like to do together? Perhaps the spouses are real gourmets and love to eat well. Give them a certificate for a new restaurant. Go to them on social networks: have you found a photo from the theater? Present a certificate for the purchase of tickets, let them choose the event you like.

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