What to give your daughter for her birthday?

What to give your daughter for her birthday?


 Birthday is the most important holiday in a child's life. On this day, children feel special and it is very important to support this mood and choose the right gift. After all, these moments children then keep in memory all their lives. We share ideas of what to give our daughter for her birthday so that she will be remembered!

What to give your daughter for her birthday?

Choosing a gift for a girl is a special ritual, a sign of love and admiration for a little lady, Girls can be very different in character, temperament, and interests. Here it is important, first of all, to know well the child to whom the gift is intended. You need to find out more information about the interests of the little princess, ask casually or draw a conclusion based on the child's hobbies.

"The best way to make children good is to make them happy," I recommend turning into a good fairy on the eve of your birthday and fulfilling the innermost desires of the little princess.

1. Fashionistas

Every girl loves to dress up and spin in front of the mirror, looking at herself as a beauty. This is an opportunity to emphasize your girlish nature and touch the beauty because a little lady from childhood begins to pay attention to her appearance.

What we recommend to give

It can be a decoration, accessory, or a beautiful dress. There is a wide choice here: from the most unusual hairpins, headbands, hats, and bows to fancy dress, jewelry, special shoes, dresses, or stylish outfits. Baby cosmetics kits and a hair curler would also be appropriate here.

2. Creative individuals

Creativity is the ability to create something with your own hands. Everything will depend on what preferences the future birthday girl has. Maybe the girl draws well, is fond of needlework, or loves to tinker. In any case, it is possible to captivate the child with some unusual creative set even when the girl is just getting to know the world of creativity.

What we recommend to give

A set for making soap or beaded bracelets, drawing sets, paintings and applications of rhinestones, sand painting, mosaic portrait, decorating eggs, embroidery on clothes (here you can diversify your favorite T-shirt or jeans), a blanket or blanket with family photos, various kits for creativity (includes themed pictures/appliques), handmade cups/plates, paper constructor, motivator poster, the magic mask for sleeping in the form of a unicorn or a cat, made by hand.

3. For lovers of outdoor activities

Girls love to move, run, have fun and be naughty no less than boys. Therefore, any options that will help develop motor skills and have a great time outside will be a great gift. Regular activity and outdoor games with physical activity are important for a growing body.

What we recommend to give

The choice is quite large here. Now there is a huge variety of vehicles: bicycles, scooters, roller skates, gyro scooters, figure skating skates, balance bikes, skateboards, scooters. Alternatively, you can consider mini-billiards, a bowling set, darts (children's version without sharp tips), sports complexes, flying saucers, a tennis set, a rope, an elastic band for jumping with girlfriends, and much more.

4. Modern girls

Depending on your age, a gadget can be a great birthday present. They are, as a rule, in every second home, because children of the 21st century develop rapidly and quickly master modern electronic and portable technology.

What we recommend to give

Phone, wireless headphones, tablet, e-book, fitness bracelet, smartwatch, 3-d pen, action camera for a young blogger. If the birthday girl is fond of music, then it can be professional portable speakers or a microphone. And also any fashionable accessory for them - a case, stand, handbag, power bank, selfie stick.

5. Impressive persons

Gifts are remembered for the emotions they evoke. Therefore, original experiences are another great option. You can arrange an unforgettable magical surprise for your daughter during the birthday celebration; girls remember such a gift for a very, very long time precisely because of their emotions and the effect of surprise.

What we recommend to give

A culinary master class, a soap bubble show, a ticket to an aquarium or a circus, a bouquet of live butterflies, a mini-quest with friends, trampoline competitions, a walk through the forest on a dog sled or reindeer (if it's winter outside), an animation program in a popular science center, a gift certificate for an exciting show, children's country paintball, a make-up lesson with girlfriends or a trip to the water park.

In the case when the future birthday girl is still very young, educational toys will be the most desirable gift. Dolls, children's kitchen sets, themed houses, dishes are all win-win options for little princesses. After all, they so want to grow up as soon as possible and become very much like us adults. They will happily role-play with new toys.

How to choose a birthday present for your daughter

Choosing a gift for your favorite princess is not easy! For her parents, she will always be a little girl, even if she has grown up. She has already developed her own interests and hobbies. And therefore, the gift should not only please her, but also direct her to self-development, creativity, and the acquisition of new skills. Already at an early age, children know well what exactly they want and "order" gifts themselves. This can make the choice easier.

Not sure what exactly the child wants? Give emotions and impressions, regardless of the age of the birthday girl - you will definitely not go wrong! Memories for a long time will bring a smile to her daughter's face and discussions with friends.

Do you understand the interests and hobbies of the child? You're lucky! Feel free to choose a gift that suits them. Creative person? Various crafts/applications. If an active daughter - running for new transport (bicycle, scooter, skates, skis, skateboard, etc.) Fashionistas, of course, only outfits/accessories/jewelry, as well as children's cosmetics.

It is important to briefly return to your childhood memories, reflect on what pleased you then and try to get closer to the child's world, this will help you better understand the birthday girl, nevertheless, you are her parents and are probably very similar to each other!
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