3 ways to let your dog know that they are doing well

3 ways to let your dog know that they are doing well

In the training and education of a young dog, you are repeatedly faced with how to reinforce the desired action or behavior. It can be team-building, learning a trick, or even basic training to do your dirty deeds under a rosebush, not on a rug in the hallway.

How to explain to a dog that she is smart and well done? You should have three varieties of tools in your arsenal.

3 ways to let your dog know that they are doing well

1. Emotions

First and foremost, you evaluate the situation and the action with the help of emotions. This is a language that both parties can understand, even without a long and close acquaintance.
Approval is expressed by:
* through a smile - dogs perfectly read human facial expressions even at a very young age;
* change in voice intonation ;
* a nod;
* touching - stroking and patting (especially important with the support of the dog in the fight and on the grip, when protective training is working).

Learn to turn on your excitement as if by order, better than the most professional Hollywood actor. We'll have to partially exaggerate emotions in order to achieve the best effect and express the assessment in the most intelligible way. But if the dog is really great - why not sincerely and brightly rejoice in it? Your unequivocal approval is the best confirmation for the dog that he did everything right.

2. Markers

Introduce voice signals into communication:
* a lingering and warm " yes " - as opposed to a hard "no";
* "well done";
* "OK";
* "excellent";
* "Bravo", etc.

This is not a command that requires a specific action from the dog, it is your assessment of the correctness of his reaction to external stimuli or an order.

Use a voice marker when your dog is expecting minimal confirmation from you that you did the right thing. For example, when, on the command "Near", the dog sat down at the left leg and looked in the face. You want to endure this state without reward for a while. Say softly and quietly, “Yes. Well done ”, without performing any other actions and without moving. This is a hint for the pet that he is doing everything right and will soon receive a reward, you just need to continue.

At the initial stage, the signals are reinforced by the issuance of a treat. You will not need this in the future - you will firmly link the specific words of the dog with your own approval.

3 ways to let your dog know that they are doing well

3. Encouragement

The best way to tell a dog that they are great and have done a great job is to give what they want the most.

In this case, they work with dominant motivation. You can use food in pieces or a whole bowl, your favorite toy or directly play with the owner, permission to attack a helper in a protective suit, grab a sleeve, or rip out a pillow. The subject and method of encouragement should cause excitement and pleasure in the dog, as well as completely outweigh the negative experience of correction (punishment).

Each dog has its own "fad", and success in training directly depends on how quickly you can figure out what the pet is ready to sell its soul for.

In the desire to possess, animals learn to restrain their own impulses, control their needs and do exactly those actions that their owners expect of them. Having done everything right, the dog gets the long-awaited prize.

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