4 things that make dogs angry. And you may not know about it and do

Dogs are very intelligent creatures. But we often forget about it, treating them as we want. And sometimes we anger pets with our behavior, without even realizing it. Here are a few things to avoid, or the animals are more likely to be unhappy.

4 things that make dogs angry. And you may not know about it and do

We talk more, we gesture less

People are used to talking to each other, this is how we communicate. Many do not mind talking to their dogs. However, it is difficult for such pets to perceive human speech. Of course, they can understand and remember many words. Usually, the ones that are repeated to them regularly. As a rule, these are commands such as "Sit", "Place", "Voice", "Do not", and so on.

But if the dog understands the commands, this does not mean that he perceives our chatter in general. She relies more on our gestures - they are the main reference point for her. But we continue to say something to the animals, instead of “saying” the same thing with gestures.

It often happens that we mean one thing and shows another. The dog first of all does what was shown by gestures. And if this is not what was said, we also scold the pet, they say, how stupid, he does everything wrong. What do you think, and what at this moment the animal thinks about us?


Setting the rules, breaking the rules

4 things that make dogs angry. And you may not know about it and do

Rules are boring, so we don't really like them. But dogs need rules so that they grow obedient and accept us as masters, the leaders of the pack. Pets are praised for good behavior, treated to snacks. And they are happy, and so are we.

However, raising animals, we often violate our own established rules. There are exceptions for us. But the dogs cannot understand this. We either allow to do something or not, there is no third option.

For example, if a pet is allowed to lie on the couch, then after a walk with dirty paws, he will climb in there. And he will be sincerely surprised why they drive him away. Well, a dog can't understand that they don't roll around dirty on the couch. And he will be angry that he is being scolded for what could have been done before.


We impose communication

4 things that make dogs angry. And you may not know about it and do

In some ways, dogs are very similar to us. They, too, have those they like and those they dislike. Naturally, they would like to communicate with the former and avoid the latter.

But what do we care about the preferences of the animal if, for example, friends dropped into us? So what if Vasya, Vitya, Petya don't like the pet, let them play with him anyway. And if the dog shows "disrespect", starts to growl or bark, then we will scold him. Look what you're thinking - don't respect our friends.

But what about the sanity and, in the end, the safety of those same esteemed friends? If your pet does not want to communicate with someone, do not force him. It is possible that he will get angry and act like a dog. And then they don't come to be friends with you. And not only people but also an offended dog.


Long-awaited walks that don't go according to plan

4 things that make dogs angry. And you may not know about it and do

Sometimes we are so tired of walking with a pet that we quickly walk it along the usual route and immediately go home. Like, I went to the toilet and that's enough with him.

For a dog, a walk is a whole adventure. She wants to explore new territories, smell new smells. And this requires free time, which we often do not have.

Without freedom in the open air, the dog is unhappy, and therefore evil. Not to mention the fact that we can pull the leash so that the pet does not run wherever he wants. And this is another reason for anger.

If you want a happy pet, spoil it with long walks from time to time and change routes.

 4 things that make dogs angry. And you may not know about it and do


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