Facial edema massage for adults

Facial edema massage for adults


Usually, women resort to a massage for facial swelling, since it can be done even at home. But before starting the sessions, you need to find out everything about the benefits of harm to the human body, exclude contraindications.

Facial edema massage for adults

Facial edema, commonly known as "lymphatic edema" or "tissue swelling," can occur for a number of reasons, but is usually associated with some form of damage to the lymphatic system. Symptoms create a swelling sensation on the face, but in some people, the swelling may be more localized. In addition, edema can cause problems with the kidneys and heart, blood vessels, and they must be excluded. While symptoms may differ from person to person, the underlying cause is usually the same.

The main goal of any treatment option is to focus on the root cause of facial swelling. If this is due to a minor problem, such as a sluggish immune response or stagnation of lymph, blood in the capillaries, massage will definitely reduce swelling and allow the face to return to its normal appearance.

According to research, the average person has between 501 and 700 lymph nodes in their body. Of these lymph nodes, some of the most important are located in the facial area, including the neck. When these nodes are blocked by fluid, they can contribute to skin aging, acne, and a dull complexion. Fortunately, a lymphatic drainage facial massage, which can be done by a professional or at home, is a simple and effective solution.

The benefits of massage for facial swelling for adults

If you are worried about the accumulation of fluid under the skin, then a lymphatic drainage massage can be a cosmetic tool for you. The treatment includes a gentle massage of the lymph nodes around the eyes, ears, and neck. This process helps flush out toxins from the lymphatic system around the face as it encourages accumulated fluid to return to the blood vessels for general circulation. This relieves pain, pressure, and swelling.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage can be a great way to combat acne symptoms. Cosmetologists report that 90% of the world's population suffers from acne throughout their lives. But, when a facial lymphatic drainage massage is performed regularly, it prevents the overload of the lymphatic system, promotes better blood circulation, improves the appearance of the skin by preventing clogged pores.

Although a lymphatic drainage facial massage can be performed without leaving your home, it should be done with caution. Optimal results can only be achieved when the correct lymphatic drainage points are worked out and gently massaged. In addition, the pressure on the skin must be correct. If it is soft or the massage is done in the wrong direction, it will be ineffective. This is why you should always choose a lymphatic drainage facial massage from a professional beautician.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage is an effective means of combating toxins and swelling on the face and neck. However, regardless of your age and skin condition, you will be amazed at how much lymphatic drainage facial massage will improve the radiance and overall appearance of your face. Pamper yourself with a professional lymphatic drainage facial massage - this is what you should do as part of your regular health and beauty program.

The harm of massage from swelling of the face to adults

If the massage is done incorrectly, it may not reduce, but only increase the swelling. Therefore, it is important to pre-study the video instructions or ask the massage therapist to show the correct massage movements.

Contraindications of massage for facial edema for adults

It is important to understand that for any massage there are a number of contraindications, neglect of which is dangerous to health. For face massage against edema, the following conditions are contraindications:

any types of oncology;

colds, flu;

any form of tuberculosis;

exacerbation of herpes;

acne, pustules, wounds on the skin in the affected area;

enlarged lymph nodes, lymphadenitis;

rosacea of   the skin, the presence of dermatoses;

tendency to thrombosis;

neuralgia in the trigeminal nerve;

allergic swelling of the face.

In these cases, it is dangerous to carry out the massage, negative consequences may arise.

How to massage for swelling of the face for adults at home

Every morning after cleansing your face, you can take your usual face cream or serum, apply it on your palms and rub it into massage points on the face and décolleté, where lymphatic fluid can clog, which can also lead to facial swelling. The cream and serum help to gently massage the skin without chafing or irritating it.

Here are some simple tips for reducing swelling. Try them in the morning at home, in the afternoon at work, anywhere, anytime!

Press lightly with your fingers on the area just below where the collarbone begins. For some, it may cause a little pain because the lymph fluid is clogged in the area. Once you release them, the discomfort will go away.

Gently rub the sides of your neck in a downward motion from under the ears to your shoulders. This releases all tense muscles and also helps to flush out toxins accumulated in the décolleté.

With one finger, press the front ends of your eyebrows. This helps to reduce the swelling around the eyes.

Press down on the lower half of the area between the lower lip and chin.

Finally, press down on the soft area of skin in front of your earlobes and find an area that hurts slightly when you press down on it - massage that area for a few seconds. Then massage the area of the depression just behind your earlobes.

These simple steps should help reduce morning swelling as well as improve circulation to your face, forcing your skin to absorb nutrients more efficiently and increase elasticity.

Is it possible to fight facial swelling through massage?

You can deal with the problem if the edema is lymphatic, and on the face, they are often the same. If the edema is nevertheless venous, for example, it will be enough to simply elevate the head during rest and sleep at night. Then there will be no edema.

How often do adults need to massage for facial swelling?

Massage for edema should be done only when necessary. If there is swelling, we do it, if not, prophylaxis and massage are not required. I emphasize that it is better not to do massage then because it does not make sense.

Is it possible to harm with such a massage (including self-massage)?

Yes, you can do harm with massage, especially if you do not wash your hands and cleanse your skin first. Then massage movements can contribute to the introduction of a pustular infection, and due to the "smearing" of microbes on the face, purulent eruptions can occur.

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