top 5 tools to help you search for scholarships and find funds for your college research.

top 5 tools to help you search for scholarships and find funds for your college research.

There are thousands of scholarships available that will help you in your studies and reduce the costs and financial burden that many students suffer from, especially in poor countries. 
You can find scholarships that reward students for anything from studying management of the economy to being a great soccer player, and even a small grant can help reduce the amount you get in student loans. 
In order to find these scholarships, Mawhibi offers you useful and practical tools that will help you in searching for these scholarships.
top 5 tools to help you search for scholarships and find funds for your college research.

The first tool is: Scholly

Scholly is the idea of ​​Christopher Gray. After growing up in poverty in Alabama, Gray managed to earn $1.3 million scholarships. He is now on a mission to help others get university funding as well. Scholly has awarded over $70 million in undergraduate scholarships to benefit international students. Scholly is an online search engine and mobile application. All you have to do is enter your job information and study activities and Scholly will match you with local and national scholarships.
The cost to use Scholly It offers three types of subscriptions, with a cost ranging from $7.99 for a month to $44.99 for a year.

The second tool is: helps provide a very important database of scholarships across the country, and the site contains more than 3.7 million scholarships. Each scholarship will have its own application requirements, but some may overlap enough that you can use the same materials to apply. So all you have to do is create a profile with and the site will tailor your options with custom filters.

The third tool is: Chegg

Chegg is one of the most important tools that help students find school scholarships. All you have to do is register on the site and you will get additional filters to customize your search, but if you prefer, you can start without using one and search by location, GPA, and application type.
If you are exhausted with application essays, limit the list to scholarships that do not require an essay. Filtering will help you avoid scrolling through the 25,000+ site opportunities.

The fourth tool is: The College Board Scholarship Search

The College Board is one of the most important search engines and is the best in the field of locating grants and scholarships because it works with more than 2,200 programs, which helps you narrow your options. To find scholarships you can enter your personal and academic information and search for scholarships for which you are eligible by type. Some scholarships allocate academic achievement, while others give priority to students involved in certain activities. One of the reasons is used is the search engine.

The fifth tool is: Fastweb

To Check Out Over 1.5 Million Scholarships Worth Over $3.4 Billion Head to Fastweb, this site is characterized by a user-friendly design and easy to navigate, and through it, you can search for scholarships that suit you. Moreover, you can organize your results in different lists, One list could be academic achievement scholarships, another list for California residents, and a third for on-court basketball players. Fastweb is a handy and useful tool that helps you find lots of scholarship money.

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