What to give dad for the New Year 2022

What to give dad for the New Year 2022

How to choose what you like for sure? Here are some ideas from "Mawahibi" about
what to give dad for the New Year 2022

What to give dad for the New Year 2022

It seems like only yesterday they posted photos of fallen yellow leaves on social networks when suddenly one day - and here it is winter. This means that the New Year holidays are just around the corner. It's time to think about what to give to your loved ones, so as not to push around in the store on the eve of December 31 in a crowd of the same fans to do everything at the last moment. And we will show you options for presentations that will delight your family. Let's start with what to give dad for New Year 2022: here are some ideas.

1. Gifts for the health

They say rightly - in a healthy body there is a healthy mind, and in our case, a good mood is also added to these components. Gifts that will help dad stay in good shape, he will surely appreciate and accept with gratitude. After all, it is they, like nothing else, who will help demonstrate your love and care to your father.

What we recommend to give:

Give your dad a warm present in the literal sense of the word - thermal clothing is useful for outdoor activities and will warm you during normal walks. Well, for summer residents, a convenient kit will be useful for autumn work in the garden. Choose a type of clothing that is closer to your father's lifestyle, and he will be pleased with your gift.

2. For music lovers

Let's say your dad is a passionate fan of Russian rock of the 80s or an anxious fan of the Beatles. Then a gift from a hobby will surely please him. You should not try to find rare recordings of your favorite performers - all this a real fan probably already has. Better surprise daddy with something unusual.

What we recommend to give:

Give a music lover a concert of his idol on vinyl. Experts say that only when listening to records can you truly appreciate all the nuances of the sound of your favorite music, so give your dad that opportunity. It is not a problem to buy recordings on such a medium now, and the stores provide a very wide choice for fans.

3. For summer residents and barbecue lovers

Choosing a gift for an avid summer resident is not as easy as it seems. There are a great many gadgets for working in the garden, and you need to know exactly which ones will be useful for your gardener. As an alternative to gardening tools, we offer to present to dad something that will make his stay in the country more pleasant and comfortable.

What we recommend to give:

The dacha is not only taking care of the future harvest but also a great place to relax. Why not spend the weekend in a country house and invite the whole family to barbecue, and the neighbors on the site to boot. A brazier or a barbecue grill will be a great gift for these weekends. And we will show you how to choose a quality and convenient one.

4. Gifts for yourself

In this category, we will include gifts that are useful to every man, such a classic of the genre. Do not be afraid to seem unoriginal, handing your dad, for example, a razor - do not hesitate, he will definitely use your present. It is only important to find a suitable gadget and not get confused in the functions, there are a lot of them in modern shaving devices.

What we recommend to give:

Which razor to buy depends on your dad's lifestyle. It is clear that a man with a neat beard needs a device with the functions of cutting and straightening the hairline. And if, on the contrary, he is not a fan of even small stubble, the main role will be played by the thoroughness of shaving. Modern razors are equipped with tools almost like entire barbershops, so consider that you are giving your dad a home barbershop.

5. For car enthusiasts

If your dad spends the whole weekend in the garage, and the car is practically a second home for him, then the best gift for the New Year will be something useful for his "swallow". It can be a nice accessory that will make driving more comfortable (for example, dark glasses that protect from the scorching sun), or, conversely, something purely practical, up to a car pump, if suddenly for some reason he has not got one.

What we recommend to give:

Our option is a video recorder. A thing, although not the most necessary thing in a car, but definitely useful. The camera fully monitors the traffic situation around your car and will become real salvation in any controversial situation.

How to choose a gift for dad for the New Year

Choosing a gift for dad for the New Year is not difficult if you follow simple tips.

* Remember how dad loves to spend his free time. Hunting or Fishing? Or maybe he loves to cook? A hobby gift will be to the point. If you do not know what exactly he has and are afraid to make a mistake or repeat himself, ask him directly or consult with his friends.

* Remember that men - and therefore dads too - prefer practical gifts. Souvenirs and other trinkets are best avoided.

* Think about my father's work and think in this direction. Perhaps he lacks a good organizer for tools, or a lunchbox to take with him Mom's delicious meals. If dad is a businessman, you can give things that will emphasize his status.

* Think about how to make your dad more comfortable and cozy, and give, for example, a knitted sweater or warm mittens, a phone with large buttons, a new comfortable pillow or a humidifier.

* If you broke your head, but still have not figured out what to give, invite your father to go to the store together according to his interests and choose a gift together.

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