What to give for a wedding

What to give for a wedding

What to give for a wedding to friends or relatives if you want the present to remind you of the holiday for many years? Sharing ideas for unusual gifts.

What to give for a wedding?

At the dawn of his youth, the correspondent of "MAWAHIBI" had a chance to attend hundreds of weddings - he was doing a part-time job. Therefore, I have not seen enough "original" gifts for the newlyweds. They are all related to money. It just so happened that the guests give the young people the right to choose a present for themselves. Most guests donate money in a neat envelope. Large originals hang umbrellas, trees in banknotes, make ships and cakes from banknotes. Against this background, any present larger than a banknote becomes an unusual gift for a wedding. "MAWAHIBI," tells what to give for a wedding.

1. Save the moments

From the wedding, the young will have many remarkable pictures. Surely successful shots were in the history of the couple and before the registry office and will be all the next life. It's a shame that people today print so few photos. But what an emotional effect of photos!

What we recommend to give

Digital photo frame. These devices were at the peak of their popularity at one time, but they quickly faded away. However, manufacturers have not abandoned this product and have perfected it over the years. Today they can broadcast not only slideshows from frames but also video. In modern models, files do not have to be transferred by uploading to a USB flash drive, there is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

2. For movie fans

Even old man Lenin bequeathed that the most important of the arts for us is cinema. For more than a hundred years, nothing has changed. On the contrary, the industry is gaining momentum due to TV series and massive documentaries. People have favorite film companies, TV epics, etc. Think we recommend donating a TV for a wedding? Not! Our idea is much more original.

What we recommend to give

Multimedia projector. There are compact models designed just for home use. It is not necessary to buy a dedicated white screen. You can project a picture onto a wall. Just do not be stingy, otherwise, the image of a cheap device will be faded. Some online movie services even release their own products, to which a subscription to the service itself comes as a gift.

3. For nature lovers

Many lovers are united by a love of hiking or relaxing walks in nature. A good snack can make them even better. But I don't want to carry bulky jars and dishes.

What we recommend to give

A set of dishes for a picnic. It folds into a neat bag, or better yet, a backpack. Yes, the set is large for two people. But you are sure that the wedding will not be limited and the lovers will soon have an addition. And don't forget about your friends.

4. Wine connoisseurs

A glass of wine at a festive dinner today is more and more included in the drinking culture of Russians. People are beginning to understand the varieties, aging, and other attributes of this ancient drink more confidently. Alcohol is a dangerous thing, especially if it has no culture of consumption. Our original wedding gift idea will help instill it and give the young a useful accessory.

What we recommend to give

Sommelier set. In a beautiful box, manufacturers put a corkscrew, pneumatic corks to seal a bottle, a drop catcher to pour beautifully, and even a thermometer. The configuration and supply are different. It all depends on the generosity of the giver.

5. To avoid domestic quarrels

How often do we hear about a love brigantine that breaks down in everyday life? No matter how much you give parting words at the wedding, young people still have to go through the difficult path of grinding in, distributing household responsibilities. It won't work to avoid quarrels, but you can reduce the number of reasons.

What we recommend to give

Robot vacuum cleaner. Such household appliances are quite modern and will be 100% useful on the farm. Everyone will appreciate even young newlyweds, even experienced ones. Not everyone has the courage to buy such a device, and yet it is very convenient. How many complaints can be avoided about mutual complaints about the cleanliness of the floors and the sequence of cleaning!

6.Wishing to travel

On their honeymoon, the young will surely go to some warm country. And then there will be many joint travels. At least they are always desired by the wedding guests. After all, this is not only a new experience but also jointly experienced emotions that unite and help in difficult periods of relationships.

What we recommend to give

Suitcase. We're no kidding now! You can still fill it with money - it will be absolutely fine. A good bag is expensive, you can spare the money for one yourself. And if you are not stingy and choose a good travel companion for the newlyweds, they will surely remember you with a kind word. The key is “good”. Otherwise, your ears will burn when lovers swear, dragging a bag without wheels.

7. For home comfort

Choosing a wedding gift, you think about the future comfort in the home of the young. Some give gigantic portraits to newlyweds in the hope that they will decorate the interior with them. But objectively speaking, such presents are often kept in a case. We offer the idea of an original gift.

What we recommend to give

Electric fireplace. Such a device will give not only the effect of living fire but also warmth. Or you can turn off this function and just look at the beautiful flashes. Anyway, this is another of those original wedding gift ideas when you can't buy it yourself, but it's nice to receive it. The main thing is that there is a place for it in the interior.

How to choose a wedding gift

* Think about what brings the newlyweds together. What are their common hobbies, interests, hobbies? Often, acquaintance occurs in the field of some kind of joint business, and then it develops into a family tradition. Think along these lines: how to support and strengthen such an endeavor.

* If you don't know what to give for a wedding, you can always put an envelope with money. But if you need an idea for an original gift, then think about it, maybe it is worth presenting a certificate. It could be a travel agency flyer for a trip, two annual passes to a cool sports club, or even a certificate for a hot air balloon ride.

* If you decide to choose something from our list, and even more so stopped buying some kind of equipment, then do not forget to give me the warranty card. You don't have to put the check-in in the box, but keep it with you just in case. Still, electronics don't always work perfectly.

* A few years ago, things with portraits of newlyweds were considered a cool gift. Wall panels, pillows, T-shirts, mugs, and other souvenirs were used. Let's face it: this is not the best option for a celebration. Yes, it looks funny, but will they use it?

* A gift for a wedding can be payment or order of some kind of service on the day of the celebration. For example, a couple was stingy about hiring a cameraman or paying for a good presenter. Agree that you will give them such a gift. Naturally, everything needs to be said in advance, because this is primarily a holiday for the young.

* In conclusion, we want to present the author's top of the worst wedding gifts. Things that it is better not to hand over during the celebration, and generally not to think about buying them. The reasons are different - some are too individual, others, roughly speaking, have gone out of gift fashion. So, what not to give: large and banal household appliances, kitchen utensils, works of art, knickknacks, bedding, hygiene items (for example, towels), a pet.

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