What to give my husband for the New Year 2022

What to give my husband for the New Year 2022

How to find such a gift for your husband for the New Year, so that he is not only remembered but also useful? After all, you must admit, it's a shame if the thing that you chose for a long time and painfully, eventually goes to gather dust in the closet somewhere between an expired subscription to a sports club and a jigsaw. Therefore, let's congratulate correctly - here are some tips on what to give your husband for the New Year.

What to give my husband for the New Year 2022

1. Sports gifts

By the way, about a subscription to a fitness club. If your man adheres to a healthy lifestyle, then a sports gift is fine. Do not just buy dumbbells or sportswear - after all, this is too individual. Everyone chooses the clothes in which it is more convenient to go to the fitness club. Not to mention the existing training system, where donated dumbbells may simply not fit. Better to buy a thing that will be useful to everyone.

What we recommend to give:

A fitness tracker is no longer just a device that counts the steps taken from the parking lot to the office chair. In fact, this is a very useful thing during any sport that can monitor your physical activity in real-time. Plus, the fitness tracker is also a heart rate monitor, a device that tracks sleep, an alarm clock, and a stylish accessory to everything else. Another useful function - notifications of incoming calls and messages on the smartphone, will help out at meetings.

2. Care products

Long gone are the days when everyone piously believed in the postulate that "a man should be powerful, smelly and hairy." The pursuit of beauty is by no means alien to modern men. Therefore, one of the options for a New Year's gift for your husband can be something to care for: from an expensive cream suitable for his skin to a high-quality electric shaver.

What we recommend to give:

Beards and mustaches have firmly taken their place among men's fashion trends. But facial hair requires careful maintenance. Give your man a beard and mustache trimmer. These devices are good because they are equipped with a special system that allows you to accurately adjust the length of the hair. So it is much more convenient to give the beard and mustache a pre-selected shape.

3. Gifts for the health

An excellent gift for your husband for the New Year will be a health gadget. The more technological and unusual things you choose, the better. All men are a bit of a researcher, so a present of this kind should be necessary and interesting.

What we recommend to give:

This smart alarm clock will make your loved one’s morning truly enjoyable. Thanks to him, your husband will not wake up from an annoying sharp call, but from a soft, close to daylight, light, and pleasant sounds of nature. This will make it much easier to tune in to a productive working day.

4. Gifts for travel

These are gifts for those who cannot imagine life without the romance of distant or not very wanderings. It is also suitable for men who have to spend a lot of time traveling for work. In either case, your husband will need something that will make life easier on trips or help stay in touch on the road.

What we recommend to give:

A very useful device when traveling - a router for a traveler. It is indispensable when you need to connect to a LAN cable and convert it to Wi-Fi. For example, you want to access the Internet from several devices at once, or for some reason, there is still no wireless network in the hotel. In addition, such a device can also serve as a universal adapter for various types of sockets - so you will always have the confidence that you can charge your phone or tablet in almost any country in the world (about 150 countries in the list). The travel router does not take up much space and is equipped with a 2.1A USB port and AC power port, so it can charge two devices at the same time. It will come in handy not only on long journeys but also just when traveling to work to improve the quality of network reception.

5. Useful gifts

To this point, we have included those things that relate to the field of hobbies and interests of your man. Only when choosing a present, make sure that there is definitely no such thing in his collection, then your surprise will really be a joy and will give your beloved a lot of positive emotions.

What we recommend to give:

Every man in his heart still always remains a child, no matter how old he is - 15 or 50. So give him a thing for play and entertainment - but not only, but one that will also be useful. The quadcopter in the literal sense of the word opens up a new world to its owner. With his "eyes" you can see the space around you from a bird's eye view. At the same time, the drone can be controlled, so with such a gift, the husband becomes practically a pilot, albeit a small one, of an aircraft. And if a man is fond of photography, such a device will be an unusual addition to the existing equipment for him. Quadrocopters differ in their technical characteristics and shooting capabilities, which, by the way, in modern models can be of very high quality.

How to choose a gift for your husband for the New Year

Your second half always wants to give something special, but very often husbands receive traditional shaving foam or deodorant about their women. Use our tips on how to choose a gift for your husband for the New Year.

* Do not give “general use” gifts, such as a floor lamp, bedside rug. These things are needed for the family, and your New Year's present should be exclusively for your spouse.

* Remember what his desires the husband has been talking about lately, what he wanted to buy for himself, but for some reason postponed the purchase.

* When a husband has a hobby, a gift for a hobby is a win-win. But if you don't know what exactly is worth buying, you can either ask your spouse directly or consult with friends who share his hobby.

* Do not forget that any “on-duty” gift can be made special. Engrave on a pen or keychain, and an original print on a T-shirt.

* An excellent option that a husband will always appreciate is a handmade gift. It can be a chic sweater knitted by you or a small romantic card in addition to a present.

What gifts do you prefer to give and receive? Share in the comments:

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 What to give my husband for the New Year 2022


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